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As harsh as it might sound, every one of us can become victim of confidential information theft. It is said that more than 75% of office employees dispose of old documents without having any serious concerns for them. At best, they reconsider their actions after they have crumpled or torn the paper into pieces. For the employees, the documents have become irrelevant, but for other companies, competitors and scammers crumpled documents can be very valuable. Therefore, office wastepaper baskets can be a real gold mine for information seekers. Financial, bank and marketing statements as well as copies of passport data – all of it can be used against you and cause severe damage to your business.
The question is: what to do with the unnecessary documents and data carriers? The answer is simple – dispose of them in a safe and correct manner. For this purpose, paper and document shredders are used. It must be noted that paper and document shredders are common office items in any modern office and they have become an integral part of mandatory office equipment. We offer high quality and appropriately certified document shredders for a wide range of uses.

Our advantages:

  • we offer KOBRA® brand document shredding equipment which has been recognized as one of the safest and most effective document shredders in the word;
  • a wide range of equipment for document shredding, including electronic data carriers;
  • individual client service and consultations;
  • fast delivery and installation of equipment;
  • warranties and after-sales service.

Depending on the use, the shredders are divided into:

  • Private or home paper shredders for individual use. This type of document shredder can destroy up to 250 sheets of paper per day and it is compact in size and depending on the model it ensures security level 1, 2 or 3.
  • Office document shredders which are used in different sized offices. The amount of paper that the shredder can destroy per day is higher than that of the private shredder. Depending on the model, this kind of paper shredder provides security level 3, 4 or 5.
  • High security document shredders can provide the highest degree of confidentiality in the destruction of various information sources. Considering their size and power, these machines are used for the mass destruction of documents, banknotes and securities.
  • Multimedia and industrial document shredders are designed for destroying classified documents as well as SIM cards, memory cards and other electronic data carrier media. Documents that go through the blades of the shredder cannot be restored. This type of shredder is essential for institutions that work with sensitive information and institutions that handle commercial, bank related, state or military secrets.

Prerequisites for choosing a device:

  • Intended use – for private, office or special use.
  • Size and power – for a small office with 3-5 employees it will be sufficient if the document shredder can shred 200 – 1500 pages per day. During one work cycle, the shredder can handle 12-18 pages. For a big office with a minimum of 20 employees, the most suitable document shredder will be one that can destroy 5000 – 10 000 pages per day. During one work cycle, the shredder can destroy 22-40 pages. The more powerful the machine, the bigger its size.
  • Paper feed – manual or automatic. Manual feed is best for a small number of documents, but for large amounts – automatic feed is better as no employee is required to be present.
  • Type of shredding – paper shredders with sheet – type cutting are easy to use for large volumes of documents that do not contain confidential information. Paper shredders with cross cutting are safer, because they cut documents into small, irregularly shaped fragments.
  • Security level - the security level of document shredders is determined by DIN 66399 which identifies the security levels for data erasure.

Document shredder security level

  • The cutting width of the first security level shredders ranges from 6 to 12 mm. Such devices are often used for paper recycling but, if you need to completely destroy confidential information it is better to choose a shredder with a higher degree of security.
  • The cutting width of the second security level shredders is 6 mm. With this type of equipment it is better to destroy documents that do not contain any valuable notes or statements.
  • The third security level shredders cut the documents in strips of a width not exceeding 2mm or in pieces measuring 4 x 60 mm. This type of document shredder makes it completely impossible for documents to be restored.
  • Fourth security level shredders cut the document into fragments that do not exceed 2 x 15 mm.
  • Fifth security level shedders turn the document into small bits that do not exceed 0.8 x 13 mm.
  • Sixth and seventh security level document shredders practically grind the documents into dust. The size of the shredded piece does not exceed 0.8 x 1 or 1 x 1 mm and this type of document shredder is suitable for destroying the most confidential documents.

Secure destruction of your documents is in our hands! Please visit our home page and choose which paper or document shredder is the most suitable for your needs.

About Kobra shredders


KOBRA® products are capable to shred and crush electronic memory cards, hard drives, chip boards and even whole smartphones and tablets

Elcoman is one of the world's largest manufacturers of shredders for documents and all media (electronic, magnetic, and optical) with over 35 years of experience. Turnover is 150,000 units per year, all designed and manufactured in Italy.

KOBRA® paper and data media shredders are certified according to the requirements of the world's highest safety authorities: CSQ, IQNET, CB, CSA, CE, NATO, CPNI.


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